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Thread: Any current mommies care to help?

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    Red face Any current mommies care to help?

    Since I'm new here I thought I'd give a list of my "symptoms" and get your opinions on them. I've done about as much research as Google will allow and still haven't gotten straight answers on some things. I guess mostly what I want to know is what symptoms did you have and when did they start?

    Last known period: Oct 15-20 (I don't chart anymore, it was driving me crazy. By 'known' I mean the last I remember having)

    Nausea at night from Dec 6-10
    Increased appetite (I had 2 servings for dinner and I'm starving again)
    My nipples were painful to touch for 3 days before my breasts started hurting (Dec. 5-7, current) they are still sore.
    I've dreamed about food, Krispy Kreme donuts to be exact, multiple times over the last week and a half
    I've also felt really warm though my temperature is only 98.4 (my pre-O temps are around 97.8)

    I cramped yesterday for about 10 minutes and thought for sure I was going to start last night but it stopped and hasn't happened since.

    I've had a few head-aches and heartburn but that's not uncommon for me.

    I tested Monday night and it was negative. I probably botched it by drinking a ton of water before-hand (I've been extra thirsty but I don't think that means anything other than dehydration).
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    The best time to test is first thing in the morning, morning pee will have the highest concentration of hcg in it Other than that, all your symptoms could also be symptoms of AF, so you never know until you miss AF and / or get a positive test.
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    SunflowerLove Guest


    That's what I was thinking too. I hate the waiting part of this. Having an off cycle like I am now and it still not resulting in a pregnancy is the most frustrating thing EVER.

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    It is so frustrating! Last cycle I had a lot of cramping before AF which never happens to I thought perhaps it could be pregnancy...then AF showed.
    Unfortunately there is no sure way to tell until you test and its best to wait until after AF is due and first thing in the morning. But, ya..totally frustrating!

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    I agree, early symptoms of pregnancy and AF are so similar that it is hard to tell the difference. All you can do is wait til the right time to test. I have cycles that are all over the place too, so I understand your frustration!!
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