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Thread: Hmm, Could It be?! Cant wait to find out!

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    Default Hmm, Could It be?! Cant wait to find out!

    I have had the Implanon rod BC for almost 3 yrs now. My scheduled date for removal is Jan 2 2013.. I have read that they can go "empty" before the 3 yrs are up. Which makes me wonder this. I have NEVER had a brown period before. Tmi- I know I'm sorry. But on the 6th I wiped and it was a thick mucus only brown, I freaked a little! I know it may be old blood but anyways, every 4 hours I would change my tamp and it was 1 drop of brown and the slightest hint of deep red each time. It lasted 3 days now its gone! It didnn't smell, I don't have cramps but I am nauseated. I ate just twice in 3 days but now I can eat but only so much! I pee constantly and keep taking cat naps. I will get a test but does tgis sound like a pregnancy or just a glitch in the ole AF

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    I did fail to mention Husband and I never use protection except for the Implanon

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    i would test

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    The only way to 100% prevent pregnancy is to not have sex. So, it's possible that you are - I just don't think that it is very likely.
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    I've heard of those failing before so its possible. Test for a piece of mind.

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