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    The last menstruation I can remember having was Oct 15-23. I dont chart because I kept get phantom symptoms as a result of wanting them.

    I found on Google that your cervix will be high and rotated toward your back when you're pregnant. Is this always the case or are there cases where it rotates and you aren't pregnant or where it doesn't rotate and you are?

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    I haven't heard of that before, but I did hear that the cervix sometimes is high and soft with pregnancy though not always. Good luck!

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    A lot of things can affect cervical position especially early on. As the uterus grows and fills up with baby it does tend to be high and "posterior" often rotates anterior just before or during labor when baby settles into a favorable position for birth. There are no hard, fast rules though...everyone's body is different :-)

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    Thank you for your help!! I took a test Monday morning and it was negative so I'm not sure if maybe I didn't just ovulate late. I've only had one true symptom(breast soreness) but that happens every month anyways. and then my cervix felt rotated today and I had some milky gooey cm. Other than that everything seems fairly normal. Thanks again!!

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