I'm frustrated. I have been getting my eggs from the same few farmers for quite some time. They aren't certified organic but I picked up the eggs myself and saw the farm, no pesticide use, clean, chickens roaming around with lots of room and mostly fed produce scraps and bugs. BUT also feed which I now know is not organic and is mostly corn (in addition to soy which I didn't even realize I needed to think about).
Now I'm buying my eggs organic at the supermarket again which I don't want to keep doing. I know one farmer 20 minutes away who is using organic feed only but her eggs are more than the supermarket and in a direction I never go so it's out of my way.

*sigh. I might just suck it up because of how important it is to me that we support our farmers as much as possible. The gmo thing scares me too much to continue buying from the farmers who are feeding the birds corn feed.

Anyone else thought about this? Worried about this?