Hi Ladies,

I am 5 weeks pregnant, I think...positive hpt, had doctor's visit last Wednesday and had blood taken for hcg level, went back Friday for second blood test to follow up to monitor hcg level. I had to wait over the weekend to hear from the Doc, but I didn't get a call from the office today (Monday).

I have learned to deal with the uncertaintly and not be obsessed with reading everything and anything that is available on-line. However, it bugs me to no end that people around are speculating. For example, we had a big gathering over the weekend. My friend stated that I wasn't drinking to my husband and he told her that's because I was on antibiotics. Her reply was an all knowing "ah ha." Well, How would she know?! I don't even know and it's my body. I feel "how dare you people think you know my body better than I do."

I know people mean no harm in this, but somehow I resent their speculations. Can you help me cope with this? and by the way, if the doc gives me good news, does anyone have any tricks to NOT tell anyone until after 1st trimester? I always have a few to drink when going out, and I can only be on antibiotics for so long

Thank you in advance for any advise!