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    Question dealing with speculations

    Hi Ladies,

    I am 5 weeks pregnant, I think...positive hpt, had doctor's visit last Wednesday and had blood taken for hcg level, went back Friday for second blood test to follow up to monitor hcg level. I had to wait over the weekend to hear from the Doc, but I didn't get a call from the office today (Monday).

    I have learned to deal with the uncertaintly and not be obsessed with reading everything and anything that is available on-line. However, it bugs me to no end that people around are speculating. For example, we had a big gathering over the weekend. My friend stated that I wasn't drinking to my husband and he told her that's because I was on antibiotics. Her reply was an all knowing "ah ha." Well, How would she know?! I don't even know and it's my body. I feel "how dare you people think you know my body better than I do."

    I know people mean no harm in this, but somehow I resent their speculations. Can you help me cope with this? and by the way, if the doc gives me good news, does anyone have any tricks to NOT tell anyone until after 1st trimester? I always have a few to drink when going out, and I can only be on antibiotics for so long

    Thank you in advance for any advise!

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    I had friends over right after I found out I was pg. I'm sure they noticed I wasn't drinking but they were kind enough not to mention it. I'm sure they're suspicious though and were seeing them again this week where my lack of drinking will be confirmation enough lol but like I said they were polite about it which I appreciate. Other than that I've been trying to lay low and also I told my BFF I was pg and she will not drink also when were all out so it's not just me that's not drinking, less obvious I guess. I also contemplated ordering cranberry juice at a bar and telling everyone it was a cran-vodka or carrying around an empty beer bottle.
    I hope your test results come back great and you have a H&H (booze free lol) 9 months!

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    Perhaps avoid going out for a few weeks? Or order a bottle of beer and pretend to drink (something I seriously would do with pushy friends)? The cranberry juice trick is always a good one. Or just say you're not feeling it right now.

    Best of luck to you!

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    For drinks you can also do tonic water and lime in a short glass like a Gin and Tonic, so good! Good luck. It was hard to not go out with friends but because it was around the holidays we always had other plans I felt bad but I knew they would find out right way since they are all about doing shots.

    Good luck. Crossing my fingers for a BFP!

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    Yup, I was going to suggest the fake drinking thing. You can always go to the bar yourself and ask the bartender to make your drinks virgin. Or excuse yourself to the bathroom and find your server and explain it to them. Good luck!
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