So last week is when I was suppose to O and I think I did. This For a few weeks I have had some nausea and just a general off feeling. Last night I got up to pee and afterwards had this tingling in my stomach right under my belly button. It was like a mild taser on my lower abdomen. I have had this some today as well. For the past week I have been so exhausted that I can relax on my couch and then next thing I know a few hours have passed and I was asleep the whole time. Sat I laid down with DS and ended up sleeping for 5 hours only to wake for dinner and pass out again a few hours later when we went to bed. I usually get tired but not to the point where I sleep this long. I ended up doing the same thing today. Ended up sleeping on the couch with DS while he watched tv. Some foods and meals give me a bit of nausea and Fri at a party I was a bit dizzy. Last night I also ended up with some heart burn or indigestion after dinner which is not normal with the meal that was prepared. I still have to wait till the 19th when AF is due but I hate not knowing and having weird symptoms. Just wanted to share my confusion with others that may be going through similar things. Thanks for listening Ladies.