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Thread: Could I be pregnant?

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    I am new to the site and apologize because I do not know all the abbreviations. I am extremely curious and would like some of your input. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex since September. I got my period September and October regular. November and December it was a few days late. Oddly, in November I had my period from November 4-7 which was very light. November 10th I was out shopping and I begin to cramp on and off as if my period was beginning again along with back pains. This went on for about 10 days. So, I made a doctor’s appointment. Went to the doctor November 19th and BFN. She also attempted to do a pap smear and said she was unable to see in my vagina. She concluded that I had a yeast infection. This Pap smear was very painful. I know pap smears are uncomfortable but not painful. However, she suggested I use a vaginal cream because she believed I had a yeast infection. So, here we are in December my period was a couple days late and light. When I first begin it was pink and watery. Not like a normal period. So, as the days went on it became a little heavier. However my period is over and I am now experiencing lower back pain that goes through to my hips and lower abdominal pressure. The abdominal pressure is only present when I am lying down and lying on my stomach. I normally sleep on my stomach but recently find myself waking up several times throughout the night to lay on my side. Being that the pregnancy tests taken were negative, what should I ask my doctor when I go in tomorrow?

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    Tell the doctor your concerns as to why your not having normal periods

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