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    I am as of today 7 days late! I have been a 28 day cycle for as long as I can remember! I broke out with acne a lot worse before time for my period, but it never came! I usually have breast tenderness before my period that never happened! I took an EPT the day after my missed period and it was negative! Here I am 6 days later no period with lower back pains, gas, frequent urination, and white lotion like discharge! My husband and I have been TTC for about four months now and I have been taking prenatal vitamins for about two! Can someone shed some light for me?

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    If it's been nearly a week since your last HPT, then I would try another one at this point. If it's still negative, a trip to your doc could be in order to find out what the hold up might be. Good luck!
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    Thank you! I am planning on going to have a blood test done Weds if I don't start!

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    You can certainly test again or request a blood test like you indicated. My periods were 100% identical until I started to TTC. Then everything went wacky. That is fairly common as the stress and anticipation of TTC can have an impact on ovulation and when your AF hits.
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    Thank you! I have been ovulation tests an calendars. Plus I always get crampy white stretchy cervical mucus!

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    Also my boobs are hurting like nobody's business right now!!! They just started and even my bra hurts?

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    Im six days late my self im always on tim im wondering if i ovalated late

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