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    Hi everyone,
    I just want to put this out there, to see if any of you have had similar experiences. I am 32, DH is 33, and we have never achieved pregnancy on our own. I was diagnosed with DOR in April 2011, with FSH 14.6, AMH 0.75. Now, FSH/AMH are 13.5/0.45. We've since had 4 IUIs, with 2 resulting in pregnancies-m/c twins at 8 weeks 10/2011 and chem preg 5/2012...I actually had decent response to the IUI+injectables, always had 3 mature follies. We just had a m/c work up and all chromosomal and immune screenings are normal, which means that my m/cs are all due to DOR, probably the low AMH.

    My question, is what should our next step be? I'm expecting my RE to recommend continuing with the IUIs in hopes that we will get one healthy egg out of one of the cycles. But, obviously for us, this historically has resulted 100% in m/c, and the thought of doing this over and over again terrifies me.

    Our other option is IVF. I might not be as good of a responder as most are, but I think that with the decent response to the IUI meds, I might have some hope. And if the embryos make it to day 5, wouldn't that be a great sign that they will go on to be a healthy pregnancy or baby? The clinic said that their success rate (as defined by healthy live birth) with day 5 embryos is 80%. Did I mention the clinic is in Barbados?

    This might all be for naught, depending on what my RE says tomorrow. Just curious to hear what you have experienced and what you might suggest. Thanks!

    Erica 33, DH 34, STC for 4+ years, Diagnosed DOR 4/2011, mom to 4 , Barbados IVF March 2013!!!

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    I don't have any experience on this one, but bring up your concerns about another failed IUI (meaning m/c) and ask your RE what her thoughts are on trying IVF instead. Oh, and if so ask how stressful it would be for you to be surrounded by gorgeous blue water ;)

    I hope you have a good appointment and get a clearer direction of what the next step should be. Many hugs sent your way!
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    I honestlt think that I would stop doing the IUI's and go for IVF. It is so hard to lose a long desired child. if the chances of a successful pregnancy are higher with IVF in your specific case, that is what I would pursue.
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    Thanks for the replies! After talking with both of the REs we have decided to go with IVF without PGD...which means Barbados! I am terrified to m/c again, but after a ton of research, PGD just isn't indicated for our issue, and can actually negatively impact our efforts. So we signed up for a March seems so far away!

    Erica 33, DH 34, STC for 4+ years, Diagnosed DOR 4/2011, mom to 4 , Barbados IVF March 2013!!!

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