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Thread: gifts for music teachers?

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    Default gifts for music teachers?

    Is it "expected" to give gifts to the boys' music teachers? We have done 3 sessions with them so far, and the boys adore them. They already made them cards, but wondering if I should pick up a little something for them. One is male, the other is female. Our last class in Monday.

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    For three sessions I wouldn't. If you feel compelled then I'd do a $5 GC to Starbucks or a bookstore or better yet I'd have the boys make them a musical note Christmas ornament using salt dough.

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    I should say that we did 3 sessions, as in winter, summer, and this whole year. This past session was 12 weeks long

    I do love that ornament idea!! I will have to see if I can get the materials done during their nap, or I may just end up with a gift card since we are too busy tomorrow to do anything.

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    Ahhh I thought you literally meant three classes

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    Aww I would!! Music teachers love ANYTHING music related. You could make treble or bass clef shaped ornaments!
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    How about a recordable card with your kids singing a simple Christmas song? (I know you said they already made cards, though.) I love the ornament idea, too!

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    So we ended up making cards and ornaments. We did salt dough, and I tried a new microwave recipe. I was warned to keep an eye on it. There was only 20 seconds left, so I ran down to get some paint. They were musical notes, and they burned.By then, the boys were already making other Christmas shapes, so one got a tree, the other a snowman.

    There were tears in the woman's eyes. She says she has been teaching music for 30 years and her tree is filled with ornaments from children she has taught, and she remembers all of them

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    awwww how special!

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