Before hand I would like to mention I did have 2 periods and I am expected to start next week my next period.
However, I went through a handful of symptoms the past weeks. Beside usual mood swings, I never experienced PMS symptoms before and this is what alarms me.
-Sore and heavy breasts
-Feel fat
-More important vaginal discharge
-Change in taste
-Change in libido
-Change in vision
-Difficulty to sleep
-Dry mouth/Thirsty
-Peeing more often
-Stuffy nose
-Itchy skin

I am on birth control, and I take it somewhat everyday. We had sex when I was in the middle of my cycle, and since then I am experiencing different symptoms. (My periods were also different than usual: later, different texture, on and off for a few days (using only one tampon per day)...)

What do you think?
Thanks for the feedback