DD1 is normally mild-mannered and good at following the rules- but not when it comes to the dentist!

She is so good about teethbrushing that I was shocked at her 1st dds appt 6 months ago. She barely let them into her mouth. (they saw enough to know she was cavity-free, but didn't really get to do the cleaning). DD2, otoh, (who is normally a maniac when I try to brush her teeth) was awesome (shared appt).

We've talked about dd1's dentist issues since (it doesn't hurt, you need to be good, the ladies are nice, you can watch a cartoon while they look in your mouth, they give you a gift after when you're good, Santa's watching etc), but I never really made much headway in convincing her.

Fast forward to today, when DH took them to the dds b/c I'm sick. Apparently, dd1 was totally hysterical, never made it into the chair and actually had to be brought outside b/c she was so out of control. Honestly, I can't even imagine it, b/c it's so out of character. DH (who admittedly is prone to exaggeration) claims the office had never seen anything so bad.

Anyone btdt? Suggestions?