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    Went to my OB yesterday since I've been having this dull ache around my right ovary for the past week. Not painful but I'm consistently aware of it. They did an ultrasound and didn't see anything except for a small amount free fluid around my left ovary. She said I might have just ovulated or had a small cyst rupture. Given that my temps still haven't gone up, I'm thinking it was the latter

    Either way, she said my lining was good enough after the D&C for me to induce AF with prometrium and finally move on from this nightmare Since we are going to Disney in less than two weeks, I'm going to hold off on the prometrium until next week so I can time it where AF isn't ruining our first trip with DS to Disney. Since we'll be out of the state, I can't start with the RE for this cycle, but hopefully it will be a short one and I can start up with the RE in Jan/Feb.

    Might not be around for the next week or so (so much going on!) so I'm wishing everyone a happy holiday season now!

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