So, I have been having spotting for the past four days or so... My period hasn't really started at all yet though this week, and I keep on waiting for it to, but I am not sure if its me causing it not to, or the fact that I may be preggo again. DH and I were planning on waiting until next year to TTC after I am done with my B.S. and saved up a little, and we were pretty safe last month, granted we know from prior experience that pull out method doesn't work... haha as we were preggo in the early summer this year, but lost the pregnancy. I didn't have spotting last time with my frist pregnancy until around 5 weeks, and that ended up in a M/C I had cramping then too though, and this time I have spotting, no cramping, and would be a 4 weeks 3 days according to the pregnancy calc on this site. I had a really bad set of mood swings Sunday night, ended with me spontaneously crying uncontrollably, throwing stuff, and hitting a couple walls... which really came out of no where it seemed... mood swings were bad the next day or two, I am feeling a LOT better now, but still optimistically cautious about wanting to possibly be preggo again and testing. I have a pregnancy test in my drawer, but can't bring myself to take it, I think I'll be sad if I am not pregnant, and don't want to let myself down like that... I'd rather aunt flow just kick in like she should... what do you ladies think? Preggo or Not? Have any of you had similar symptoms or spotting? I have been embarrassingly gassy too, which I had last time.