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    Hello everybody I have been on many website trying to learn my body Im on a 23 to 24 cycle for the vast couple of months it will come a day early or a day late af that is so for Nov the 21 it came right on time me and my bf been having sex on my suppose ovulation days about two or there days after I became stuffy my nose been stuff up and is still stuffed out some site and some people say that can be am early sign of pregnancy I really hope so I really want a child salon my period is due 12/16 can anyone please help me out??

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    While a stuffy nose could be a sign of pregnancy, it is also winter when stuffy noses and colds are very common. Unfortunately you won't know for sure if you're pregnant until you test around or after 12/16. Good luck!

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    Two or three days is a little early for pregnancy congestion. Wait till the 16th to test. Good luck!

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