So last week (on Sunday night/Monday morning) Carter had a fever. All Sunday night he was WICKED fussy. He's not a fussy kid at all. But he was almost inconsolable during the night. He would cry for an hour, sleep for two, cry for another hour, sleep for two. I had no idea what was going on other than the fact that he was congested a bit. The next morning he spiked a fever of 102 so I took him to the doctor. His ears were fine, his throat looked fine, his stomach wasn't hard, and he wasn't lethargic or anything. He had been constipated for a week at this point. The pedi suggested giving him something to help him go. I gave him watered down apple juice and it really did the trick! He went right away and the fever disappeared.

He had a slight cold with a little bit of congestion all week but he's getting better.

Last night he was up more than normal but took the boob and went right back to sleep. He has teeth trying to come through so I assumed that.

Today he has a fever again and the last time I took it (about 5 minutes ago) it was 102.5 I am FREAKING OUT. He's a little more clingy than normal and slightly fussy with no other symptoms. He pooped today and he pooped yesterday. They were thicker than normal but not abnormally so. I gave him apple juice and it didn't make a difference. He's peeing and eating normally.

Why is he getting such random, high fevers? Could it be his teeth? That's awfully high for teeth.

I didn't freak out like this with my other kids. I think the losses before C just totally ruined my calm momma spirit. I fear the worst over a stupid fever. I feel so paranoid about him. He's almost 6 months, btw.