I am so sad My nursing relationship with DD3 is awful. She is my last baby and I don't even enjoy nursing her

I don't know what the problem is. She is VERY distracted. Nursing her has always been kind of tough but lately it's awful. She pops on and off like crazy, she arches, she cries, she clamps down and pulls back (so unpleasant!), etc. She will suck for 5 mins and that is it. She rarely gets sleepy or relaxed. It's really so depressing. I am almost ready to pump and bottle feed since I am getting nothing out of it but feeling frustrated and burdened. At least then DH could help.

I would say maybe she is teething but my other kids didn't get their first tooth until 13 months. I know every kid is different so I guess it's possible but I doubt it. I do remember the others doing this but not this badly. I remember DD2 being distracted because DD1 was around. DD3 just can't focus at all. I also get constant plugged ducts - I don't know why. Maybe she isn't emptying the breast enough?

She seems to be gaining/growing so I assume she is getting enough yet she is always acting like she wants it - being fussy and turning her head but if I let her have it she pops on and off until I can't take it anymore and have to stop.

I am thinking about trying to space out her feedings more? Right now I whip it out all the time because she is so fussy I feel like I don't know what else to do.... I am at a loss....