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    Alright ladies, I have a couple of questions for you

    How much breast milk should I give him the first time? Do I need to do anything special while introducing a bottle?

    I have to get an ultrasound done tomorrow and I'm in the hospital and depending on the results depends on if I have to get surgery or not. So I want to go ahead and introduce a bottle once a day or so(or should I do it more or less?)

    I have been in the hospital since last Saturday night for a severe uterus infection and none of the antibiotics have knocked it out. So im worried surgery is the next option.

    He has had a pacifier since 2 weeks old and it didnt cause any nipple confusion. So I'm not really worried about that. I just want to do what is best for him.

    Sorry if this didnt make much sense. I'm beyond exhausted and still in extreme pain.

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    I think 2-4oz would be what you would offer. I hope it goes well! And I hope you can get this infection cleared up!

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    I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and I hope you're better soon! I'm exclusively pumping, and at one month DS was taking about 4oz of breastmilk at each feeding, about every three hours. His ped said he eats a lot though for his age, so your son may not take quite that much.

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    Oh no! The first time I'd try 1-2 oz since he may not catch on right away. If you do need surgery, I'd offer 2-3oz bottles while apart. If he takes it ok, he can just get them as needed. My 5 month old normally gets 1 a week. My 2 year old was never a fan but could be coaxed to drink it eventually. The older two took them well. I've had the best luck with Playtex dropins and Soothie bottles.
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    Piper never ate more than 3 oz from a bottle. I say try 1-2 and just see if he takes it so you aren't wasting any. I think with breastfeeding babies you want to do an ounce for every hour between feedings. So 2 ounces if it's 2 hours, 3 ounces if it's 3 hours and keep using his paci. He's a suckler anyway from your previous posts so if he likes the bottle he may tried to comfort suck from that too and end up very full and spitting up.

    Do you have a few different bottles to try? My dd only like the flat nipple mam bottles.

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    Thanks so much ladies. He has been on the boob all morning so I haven't been able to pump. Just got the ultrasound done. I'm so nervous about the results. They really aren't sure it's a uterus infection :/

    I bought the playtex drop in bottles. I don't have any others.

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    Hugs. How scary. All of mine liked those bottles best and I hear lots of other babies do too. Some could care less about the type of bottle. Hopefully he take to it easily so you have one less stress. It took my youngest a little while to get the hang of it the first few times.
    ~ Shannon
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