I've got a quick question for you ladies. Monday we are having a family partnership meeting at DSS and I'm trying to decide if we should take the baby or not. They said it was up to us and not a problem at all if she's there since we may have trouble finding someone to watch her anyway depending on my MILs schedule, but I'm wondering if it would be good for her to be there. This meeting, as far as I understand it, should have everyone there including her GAL and I think it might be good for them to see her with us. I think it might be good for everyone to associate us as her foster family which I think might be easier with her there. I'm also thinking if her GAL is there that might good as well. I have a hard time imagining how someone can be an advocate for a child without ever even seeing that child. I realize she's a newborn and doesn't have behavioral issues and things like that that a lot of kids may struggle with in foster care, but I still think it's important that they see her and remember that she is a person and an innocent and precious one at that. A name is just a name until you can put a face to it. Anyone have an opinion or advice on this? Also any info on what goes on at the meeting itself from your own personal experiences is welcome. I know a little about it. I just know that everyone meets and discusses the situation and what the hope for the future is since court is coming up. The SW said the reason they decided to have a meeting now is because the lawyer has some concerns with mom. I'm not sure if she meant the mom's lawyer or the GAL...I thought she meant the mom's at the time. Anyway, I hope mom is okay. I also think maybe it would help to see her baby there and just have the confirmation in front of her again that she's okay. Thoughts?