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    Default Parents who travel for work

    What do you do to keep your connections strong with your LOs?

    My poor DD is just really starting to get to the point where she is very upset when daddy goes. He travels every week and is gone 2-5 nights a week. This week he has been gone since Sunday night and won't be home until Friday.

    We try to do face time and skype with daddy but it backfires. She cries and wants him home now. When we are out and about she says she wants to go home and see her daddy. Today when I told her daddy wasn't home yet she said, "Never find my daddy."

    It is heartbreaking. And I know it could be worse, my mother in law always tells me, "At least you are not a military family." Which doesn't help at all.

    So I'm putting this out there asking for tips from families with parents who travel during the week. What do you do to help your LOs cope? How do you make coming home special and leaving easier? What are some things you do when gone to help feel close?

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    When I go, I don't call or skype. She does better that way, out of sight seems to be out of mind...

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    My DH doesn't travel that frequently, just a couple of times a year, but when he does he is gone for 2-3 weeks. He skypes a few times when he is gone and it doesn't seem to distress them. We talk about the places he's visiting, what he might be doing, and spend time making cards and pictures and doing nice things for him that he might appreciate when he comes back. We take pictures of the kids and send them to him because he must be lonely and missing us where he is. I tend to put the focus a lot more on DH and where he is and what we can do to make him feel better about being gone.

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    It's really difficult, it really is. My DH has traveled for work since before Jonathan was born so it's all my kids know. Right now he's been on travel for a week already, and will be until the 17th. The kids speak to him daily on the telephone, sometimes over Skype if his hotel internet is good enough for it. When he is home he does try to get in quality time but can't always. I wish there was something I could do to help the situation but it is what it is, he does what he has to to support us.

    He usually brings home a little something for them too, last time he got them stuffed penguin toys.
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    Thanks, ladies.

    My mother-in-law gave me a couple good ideas this afternoon. Maybe to have him sit down with her and make a little calendar before he leaves and we can put stickers on the days he is gone to count down when he will be home. She also suggested to have him do one of those recordable story books so she can hear his voice at night.

    I like the idea of letting her know how much he is missing us too and doing special things for him while he is gone. She's sensitive so I'm not sure how much of that could be too much. And she is definitely not an "out of sight out of mind" type kid. She is an elephant, I swear! She remembers things from months and months ago. We've been done nursing for two weeks and not a day has gone by she hasn't asked. She is just that type of kid. So I have to be careful.

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    Yeah I'm going to get a recordable book for DH to do for the kids this Christmas.
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    My DH travels every other week (sometimes more), so my kids are very accustomed to it. Because they are 4 and 2, they have different levels of understanding and sometimes react differently. DH does face time or skype with them every morning, and he talks to DD on the phone every night before bed. When he talks to her, he always says "today is Tuesday, and then tomorrow is Weds. The next day is Thurs, and I will be home on that day to see you." We also use a calendar to track when he leaves and when he comes back. I text him videos of the kids on my phone saying good morning to him, and he texts me messages for them too. He takes pictures of cool things he sees when he's away, and he and DD talk a lot about where he has been. It is harder with the little ones, but it gets easier as they get older.

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