What do you do to keep your connections strong with your LOs?

My poor DD is just really starting to get to the point where she is very upset when daddy goes. He travels every week and is gone 2-5 nights a week. This week he has been gone since Sunday night and won't be home until Friday.

We try to do face time and skype with daddy but it backfires. She cries and wants him home now. When we are out and about she says she wants to go home and see her daddy. Today when I told her daddy wasn't home yet she said, "Never find my daddy."

It is heartbreaking. And I know it could be worse, my mother in law always tells me, "At least you are not a military family." Which doesn't help at all.

So I'm putting this out there asking for tips from families with parents who travel during the week. What do you do to help your LOs cope? How do you make coming home special and leaving easier? What are some things you do when gone to help feel close?