I have typed this post at least a half dozen times in the past few months, and then deleted it thinking things will get better. Girls, Iím in need of some serious advice!

First, I want to say that DS2 can be one of the sweetest, loving little guys ever. I love him to pieces, but he has me stumped on how to correct this behavior.

Levi has always been a physically aggressive (major biter from early age, although now he just hits, kicks, and recently picked up spitting), destructive child. Lately, things have gotten so bad that our sitter refuses to watch him except for 2 days a week, and after the first of the year sheís not going to watch him at all. (Her Dad is very sick, and watching him stresses her out.) This means that I am/will be splitting my kids up for childcare.

I have tried just about everything regarding his discipline. Timeouts are basically a joke to him, and now, instead of him sitting in his naughty chair (that he completely disassembled into a million pieces), I have to put his nose in the corner. Yesterday, he peeled a ginormous piece of paneling off of my wall like a banana peel while he was in TO. At that point, I was so frustrated that I didnít even know what to do with him, so I made him sit there until I could calm down. He was in TO to begin with for coloring all over the walls in his bedroom (for the 1,102,123,163, 235th time) at naptime with his brotherís dry erase markers that were specifically for his studies. I find this out as soon as I walk in the door, so of course I feel like our entire evening together is me trying to discipline him for various things. I feel like Iím on him all of the time, and we donít even get to enjoy each other.

So far today, heís kicked the little girl at the sitterís and deliberately shut her fingers in the toy box (all right in front of her Mom, btw). He had to be separated from DS1 and little girl until lunch time, and heís napping now. When heís told heís going to TO, he stick his tongue out with a persistent ďNOĒ and runs away. Itís awful.

Okay, so, I guess Iím just looking for ways to correct my childís behavior. DS1 was not this difficult for me. I can just look at him with my ďlookĒ, and he stops what heís doing. Levi laughs and keeps doing what heís doing. Itís like thereís no getting through to him, but here has to be a way!