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    Hello my husband and i had been ttc for over a year. My problem was that i was not ovulating. Did one round of clomid but i lost my job in june so we stopped trying. I am working now but i hadn"t had a period since june i think. Been randomly taking test and all neg. Was supposed to go back to the doctor the beginning of the year but about a month ago i started with stomach truobles which i do have ibs. But recently my stomach just seemed to be larger than usual and felt so bloated took a test and it was neg. On sunday i took a test because i just wasn't feeling right it came back +so i took a total of 3 test and they were all+ I don't know what to expect because i am in shock. I don't know how far along i am but i feel pressure at the bottom of my stomach and what i feel to belive are little flutters so i must be kinda far along. My problem is my insurance doesn't start until jan. I just don't know what to do?????????

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    First of all, congratulation!

    Honestly, January isn't that far away, so it probably won't hurt to wait just a few more weeks. If you feel like you have an emergency you can always go to the ER and they might be able to give you some answers.
    With my first, I started feel flutters around 14-15 weeks...
    Good luck!
    ~Jenn~ Mom to Ethan - my heart surgery survivor - born 6/29/09

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    Congrats!! It's probably not a big deal to make a dr appt for early January when you have insurance again. Just make sure you are taking good care of your body. Maybe get a prenatal vitamin from the pharmacy and start taking that. Or try for a free or low cost clinic!

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