Hello my husband and i had been ttc for over a year. My problem was that i was not ovulating. Did one round of clomid but i lost my job in june so we stopped trying. I am working now but i hadn"t had a period since june i think. Been randomly taking test and all neg. Was supposed to go back to the doctor the beginning of the year but about a month ago i started with stomach truobles which i do have ibs. But recently my stomach just seemed to be larger than usual and felt so bloated took a test and it was neg. On sunday i took a test because i just wasn't feeling right it came back +so i took a total of 3 test and they were all+ I don't know what to expect because i am in shock. I don't know how far along i am but i feel pressure at the bottom of my stomach and what i feel to belive are little flutters so i must be kinda far along. My problem is my insurance doesn't start until jan. I just don't know what to do?????????