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    This is probably a strange question... But when you do you guys watch TV?

    Maiya (2 1/2) watches almost no TV, but sometimes I wish she could watch more. I know, it's weird! But she loves it, and I think it would be a good tool to help her learn some things. She picks up a LOT from the little TV she watches, and I just think I'm missing out on another fun way to teach her stuff.

    I don't like to start the day with TV, and I don't like to end it with TV, but we're either not home in between, or we're home and busy!

    What do you all do? Am I being too restrictive for not starting or ending the day with it? Or am I just crazy for even wanting to increase her TV time? If you think increasing her TV, even just educational TV, is a bad idea, please remind me why so that I can get this crazy notion out of my head!

    ETA: I guess this applies to any screen time. TV, movies, video games, computer games...
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