I was so nervous today before the appointment, couldn't eat, was shaking like crazy and restless! Once we got there I just relaxed right down, everyone was so nice, patient, compassionate, totally different from what I'm use to. Now onto results! They took 9 vials of blood from me! Testing for everything under the sun and then we did an ultrasound to get an idea where I am at. I'm on CD 54 and no where near O'ing anytime soon. He said my Follies were like CD 3 but my uterus was over 9mm thick! So the uterine lining seems to be building up as it should but my follies are not growing. This is when he told me I have PCOS and thinks injections are the best for me at this point. But he wants to do an HSG first so he put me on Provera for 5 days and warned me I was going to have a pretty violent period thanks to my Uterine Lining being the way it is. Then we will start a fresh cycle. I just wondered if anyone knew though, After the HSG 'dye test' will they have to start a new cycle before the injects or will they let me start the injects on that cycle?