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    I'm trying to wean my 18 month old twins over Christmas because of a surprise bfp. Any advice on how to go about it? Will I lose my milk supply since I am pregnant? I know I can nurse while pregnant, but I need to wean them before the new baby is born anyway, and I'm completely exhausted. I'm hoping to make this as painless for the twins as possible. They only nurse about twice a day currently.


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    I'm pretty sure that my milk decreased by itself. My DD stopped nursing between 11 and 12 months and I had been pregnant since she was 7 months old - so right around the 20 week mark. She slowly decreased and then one night just didn't want to nurse and never wanted to nurse again. I did not have any engorgement or pain so that is why I think that my milk was essentially gone. When my DS weaned I had lots of pain and engorgement (I actually was pregnant again but only about 8 weeks).
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    Congrats! I was nursing my 18 month old when I got a bfp too. She was nursing ALL the time. I would offer other things to drink but let her nurse if she insisted. Right around 20 weeks too, she slowed down and stopped. I'm pretty sure my milk was gone.
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    I also wanted to wean due to bfp to get a break before starting again. DD was 15months and I still had milk, but we did a lot of talking and reading about babies and how she was going to be a big sister. Lots of rocking and singing/reading instead of nursing made it easier. It took about a month and I did get engorged but just took a shower and hand expressed for comfort. Good luck!

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