Any suggestions on how to help an 18 month old gain weight? My daughter Megan has fallen off her growth curve and we're supposed to be working on having her gain weight. She has always been small but following her curve (3-5%). Now she is down to less than 1% for weight. She is 19 lbs 4.5 oz. Her twin Emma is 22 lbs 8 oz in comparison. They were 4 lbs 10 oz and 4 lbs 12 oz when they were born but their weight has been getting further and further apart each appt. They are fraternal twins.

On another subject, and suggestions for encouraging speech? Emma only says about 4-6 words total. We're going to be referred to for hearing and speech evaluations in a couple of months unless she starts talking more. Megan speaks in 2 word sentences. Emma's placenta is the one that abrupted, so I worry about whether she'll have problems as a result.