You may remember me. I'm a former STC/you name it I went thru it! LOL
I've been in hiding for quite a bit and now seeking some support.

Just wanted to share another story w/my STC's friends.
You may/may not remember I had my son back in April 2009, after my STC days. Me and DH tried again when he
turned 1. I finally got pregnant 9 months ago!

But............. @ 4months I found out the baby died. This is my 2nd loss. This horrible news came only 2wks from losing my grandmother (who raised me)!

Needless to say I buried my grief the last 6mon, focusing on my son. Now I'm having panic attacks and uncontrollable crying out bursts.
My doc says its def. depression/anxiety.

My DH thinks I need help moving on. Altho I agree, I'm just stuck in this fog. I have to morn for 2 people in my life and don't know how to deal/cope!
I just wanted to start by sharing my story with you all!

Thank you for listening. Plan on sticking around to take the healing steps! : )