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Thread: Curious and a mild vent

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    Default Curious and a mild vent

    So here's my question: according to my phone app, I should have O'd yesterday. My cervix is low. Mon morning I had some pink spotting with the morning pee. Tues is was brownish. Last night and today I have had this weird type of cramping pain on the right side only, like right around my hip bone. Due to night flights, DH and I haven't BD's in a few days. I think we BD on Mon morning. If I did O this week sometime, could that have been some implantation stuff and this mild pain be from implantation? I don't remember what it was like when we got pregnant with DS since I wasn't paying attention to my body. Last week I had CM that had a white tint and was stretchy and the past few days it has been clear and stretchy. I am about a week and a half till AF and it is just driving me a bit insane. I think this was more of a vent than anything else but thanks for listening to a crazy lady and any advice/info/encouragement would be much appreciated.

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    Sounds to me like you just o'd. Good Luck!

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    I am hoping that the stats of the little guys spending a few days to a week in my body and impregnating me even though we didn't BD on the day before or day of is true and that this may be my lucky month. Thanks.

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