I haven't been on for a while, as I've been really discouraged TTC. However, yesterday I had something really weird happen, that has never happened before. I always test IC OPK, monitor and, if the IC OPK looks pos, a digital OPK with the same urine (that was a lot of letters thrown in there!). Yesterday, I thought the IC looked negative, but wasn't completely sure, so I tested with a digital. The digital read +, but the monitor read "high." Keep in mind, this is all with the same pee. This morning, I did the same thing, but did a digi without waiting for the IC OPK. The IC OPK looked just like the one yesterday, the monitor still read "high," but the digi was neg. I'm going on the assumption that the digi was incorrect yesterday, and that it fell in that 1% error rate. I don't know if it is relevant, but I took clomid days 3-7. Anybody knows what's up? Should I just go with an incorrect digi?