Well by now you've had a chance to take a look over the list of possible pregnancy signs and symptoms on our homepage you're probably wondering which direction to go from here?

Maybe you've just found out you are in fact pregnant. Why not head into our due dates section and find other mommies expecting in the same birth month as you. It's a great spot to make friends and share your pregnancy experience with others at the same stage as you.

Maybe your test was negative but you'd like to learn more about trying to conceive or maybe you just need some support and encouragement. Why not go into our TTC (trying to conceive) room? There you'll find many women.. some who's journey has just started also, and some who have been there for a while.

Maybe you already have a child or children and are looking to form new friendships with other mommies like yourself. If so I suggest our New moms and moms in general room, or our Random room are two great areas to start.

Whatever you're looking for we're sure that there is at least one room on these boards here at APA that you'll find helpful and interesting. Ask questions and join in.