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    Well by now you've had a chance to take a look over the list of possible pregnancy signs and symptoms on our homepage you're probably wondering which direction to go from here?

    Maybe you've just found out you are in fact pregnant. Why not head into our due dates section and find other mommies expecting in the same birth month as you. It's a great spot to make friends and share your pregnancy experience with others at the same stage as you.

    Maybe your test was negative but you'd like to learn more about trying to conceive or maybe you just need some support and encouragement. Why not go into our TTC (trying to conceive) room? There you'll find many women.. some who's journey has just started also, and some who have been there for a while.

    Maybe you already have a child or children and are looking to form new friendships with other mommies like yourself. If so I suggest our New moms and moms in general room, or our Random room are two great areas to start.

    Whatever you're looking for we're sure that there is at least one room on these boards here at APA that you'll find helpful and interesting. Ask questions and join in.


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    Just wanted to add a couple things here. If you suspect you are pregnant, there are a few things you should do, even if you haven't gotten a positive pregnancy test yet. First, stop drinking, smoking, taking drugs, and eliminate or cut your caffeine consumption (1 small cup of coffee may be okay, but there are disagreements about this.) These can lead to complications, so if you are pregnant or think you might be it's very important to do so.

    Second, start taking prenatal vitamins or at least a folic acid supplement (around 800mcg/day). Folic acid will help to prevent very major neural tube defects. You can buy the vitamins at any vitamin store or drugstore.

    Finally, if you get a positive pregnancy test (aka BFP) make an appointment with an obgyn. Whether your pregnancy was planned or not you want to ensure good prenatal care from the beginning.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    haPpyFeEt Guest

    Default what can this mean?

    Hello everyone
    Hopefully some of you guys can give me some insight.
    I had my menstrual on 4/5/08 and on 4/24/08 i started to get a lil breasttenderness on the bottom n sides n if i press on the nipple (sry for being so graphic) anyways i only get breast tenderness a week before my period,never after. I did have sex in march couple of times with my bf and this month 2days before my period and after.
    Can any of this be related to pregnancy or what??
    Thank you

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    haPpyFeEt Guest


    Can sum1 plz respond

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    You will get more responses if you post this in its own post on the board.

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    ashley01 Guest


    so this is my first time posting anything to this site. I have been off birth control for over a year now and I am currently a week late. Ever since I got off b.c. my periods have been regular to exact date and time. I have taken a few hpt and they all came back negative, but still no aunt flo. Usually about 4 days before my period my breast get sore...but again nothing. I also have no other symptoms like the other women. I have scheduled a Dr. appt but it cannot come soon enough. I am trying not to stress myself out. I have never been pregnant i was just wondering what ya'll think. Could i still be prego? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    My periods have always been no longer than three days an very very light... This month , my period lasted more than seven days an was really heavy. For the past week My breast have been tender an burn, at night I get nasua an feel sick to my stomach, an urinate often, no other symptoms. Today I start cramping in my stomach an back serverly, no bleeding or discharge. A few weeks ago me an my boyfriend had sexual intercourse an it felt like he was in my cervix. The last time that happened I was pregnant with my son witch is now five years old... Took a pregnancy test this morning was negative.. could I be pregnant? I have no insurance to see a doctor. Plz help?

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