My 4 year old argues with everything I say, and it is really starting to drive me batty. I find myself arguing right back which honestly doesn’t help the situation and leaves me even more frustrated. My DH goes to work at 4 am, so that leaves me to get the boys ready in the mornings by myself and that is where the arguing begins. He doesn’t like his underwear, shirt, pants, socks, etc… that I have picked out for him. So he rips them off as I am trying to put them on him. I tell him to pick out what he wants to wear and he says “I don’t want to” (Another sentence that drives me crazy). I have to get the baby to the sitter, him to preschool, and myself to work five days a week and something has to change because I feel like I need Prozac by the time I make it to work. I wish I could say that it is only in the mornings, but it is in the afternoons as well in regards to picking up his toys, going to bed, and really anything we ask him to do or not to do he argues or does it anyway. I’m not a fan of spanking. Should I be putting him in time out every time he starts an episode of deliberate defiance? I really could use any advice at this point on how to handle this.