DH is off island working. He's been gone already for 2 weeks. We are flying up to visit him from Dec 5- Dec 10. He was supposed to come home by Dec 18. His boss just asked him to work until the 23rd!!! We are HUGE Christmas celebrators and him already not being here in the month of December is well, depressing to say the least. We could use the money if he stayed, but I'm thinking I rather have him home. We are definitely not well off, so the extra money would go to savings or paying off some bills and probably a few more presents. We are looking at one weeks work maybe $2500-$3000. Would you have him stay and work? Or would you say no way and have him fly home Dec. 18? His boss is giving him a choice. We know the smarter thing would be to work, but man. We had plans the week he was off. We were going to do all kinds of things. Not to mention my sister is flying up to spend some time with us...I was hoping DH would be there so he could watch kids and we could have sister time to do sister things here-shes never been here before.
We also told DD that Daddy would be there for her Christmas performance. If he stays there, he misses it. So WWYD??