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Thread: Early Pregnancy signs/symptoms

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    Missed my period for four weeks. I was wondering if you can have implantation after four weeks of no period. And a week before your next period is due. I had very light dark brown for three days not enough to even soak a pad just enough when i wipe. And was wondering if this could be implantation my periods are very regular and are always on the 17th of each month and this is a week before my next period was supposed to start

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    If your period is late, I would take a test. 4 weeks late is significantly late, a test would be accurate at this point.

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    bzepharm Guest

    Default Could I be pregnant???

    I think I am pregnant. I have had "morning sickness" for about 2 weeks in the march on the April 4th my "period" began and lasted 7 days, I thought i was not pregnant the test could have all been wrong. 3 tests had showed positive. I even let a doctor examined me and I was told there was nothing there.
    today is April 16th, and my period just finished 6 days ago.
    i noticed for the past 4 days my breasts being tender, my nipples felt strange. i felt some thing like muscle spasms or something moving in my lower pelvis area, now when i squeeze my breasts a little bit of white liquid comes out looking a bit cloudy. Could I be pregnant?

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    nattie16 Guest


    Ok. I'm soooo confused and scared. I am 19 years old. I had sex on march 29th and then again on april 1st. by april 7th I was having some very light beeding that only lasted about three days and that was around the time that i would normally have my period. But I always have a heavy period that lasts about a week. I'm having some pregnancy symtoms now. I've been having some slight cramping and lower back pains. I feel nauseated sometimes off and on. My breasts are very sore and i've been eating alot! And I'm more tired than normal. I finally took a home pregnancy test but it was negative. I had sex only 3 weeks ago. Is that too soon to tell??? Could I be pregnant??

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    gingerva1 Guest


    Hi Ladies,
    So my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 7 months now with no luck. I am about 7 days away from my expected period and the last two days I have been super naseous, can barely eat anything. On top on that smells, like eggs, or even chicken have made me feel sick! I have sortof felt like I am going to start my period. But as I said before I am a week away. I am very regular. So is smell sensitvity this early in the game normal? Has anyone else had these issues too?

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    Question Quick Question

    After me and my fiance finish having sex, I Immediately go to the restroom to pee. Am is suppose to stay on my back for like 15minutes to let the sperm cells up? I have been doing this since the day we STARTED having sex. Hmmmm, maybe thats why I have not gotten pregnant yet.

    What are you guys thoughts??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bzepharm View Post
    I think I am pregnant. I have had "morning sickness" for about 2 weeks in the march on the April 4th my "period" began and lasted 7 days, I thought i was not pregnant the test could have all been wrong. 3 tests had showed positive. I even let a doctor examined me and I was told there was nothing there.
    today is April 16th, and my period just finished 6 days ago.
    i noticed for the past 4 days my breasts being tender, my nipples felt strange. i felt some thing like muscle spasms or something moving in my lower pelvis area, now when i squeeze my breasts a little bit of white liquid comes out looking a bit cloudy. Could I be pregnant?
    It could have been to early for your Doctor to have seen anything in an ultrasound. You could also have the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. I would call your Doctor again, when I had my ectopic I had a "suddo" period for 2.5 weeks.
    Good luck to you

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    New here and im confused on what to do. I havent had a period since march 2. I have taken 2 tests and both were negative. Im so scared to test again. Ive had 2 miscarriages. The 1st was Jan of 2006 and the 2nd was Oct of 2008. The last couple of weeks ive been dealing with headaches and heartburn. Just this last week or so I have been eating anything and everything. I just cant seem to stay full. Can someone please tell me what you think??


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    How soon do you start to have signs?

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    lolligirl Guest


    I have been on birth control pills for a few years now but recently for the last few months I havent been as consistant as I should be with taking them on time. I havent really had a period since the mid of march and all i am having is like 1 day a month a little bit of brown spotting. Are the chances that im pg high? I have been feeling really sick and lazy . Please reply help , thanks <3
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    Question When do the symptoms really get going?!

    I had a chemical pregnancy last month - lost the baby 2 days after my period was due - but was lucky that we didn't have to wait to try again... and even MORE lucky that we got pregnant again this month!! I'm now 5 weeks, 2 days and am trying to relax with this pregnancy.

    So far it is acting very different than the last pregnancy - I have symptoms this time and haven't gotten anything but positive tests, including a blood test at the doctor. However I am nervous because I feel like I should be feeling more than I am right now....

    I would really appreciate anyone telling me when their symptoms really got going.

    Right now I have sore breasts and am going to the bathroom more than usual. I've also had some times with an upset stomach but it kind of comes and goes and feels more like acid and indigestion than morning sickness. I've also been a lot more hungry, have a sudden aversion to coffee, and have no appetite in the morning (weird for me).
    I also keep getting some cramping - which scares me to death - but usually it ends up probably being more gas pains than period cramps (which I felt with the chemical pregnancy).
    Also had some pain concentrating on my left side last week - was worried it was a ectopic but am now having the same kind of pains on my right side. The doc said it's most likely stretching and to call if it doesn't go away - which it already is.

    Anyone that can give some ideas on when they started feeling their symptoms would be appreciated - is it OK to feel relatively good at this point?!
    I know I should enjoy this but I almost hope that morning sickness hits soon so I can relax a little!!

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    My BoyFriend and I would love to add another child to our little family... We have 2 boys already... 5 and 2 1/2 ... My last period was the 13th of may.... Which if im correct means that i should have been fertile for the past week or so..... The past like 2-3 days ive been very moody...Peeing like every half hour.. Im almost always hungry , and this morning my lower tummy had sharp cramps ... and my head has been hurting .... now this might all be in my head because i would love to have another baby... or it could be possible that i might be pregnant... Im not really sure.... My BF wants me to take a test before my next period... he knew when i was prgnant before and he thinks i am now... but i dont know what to think... its seems to good to be true...any oppinions?
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    With my youngest son... i felt him moving , had the cramps...and was moody.... every test i took was negitive for 2months... plus i was still getting my period... A test can come back neg. even if you are pos. it all depends on the level of the hormones your body has.... I would try either another test or a free testing clinic...

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    I'm not sure if i am or not, nor am i sure if it would be too early to have any signs... i looked at a few different sites to try and track my ovulation...of course none is accurate. But mostly all said between the 23 and 27 were my most fertile... it is only the 31th anc i feel sick and really hungry, my head has been hurting on and off all mood has changed also... i feel sad for no reason yet im happy and ive been kinda *****y too...I already have 2 kids and both pregnacies were not sure if this is just all in my head or if it is possible to feel symptoms thi soon... any advice?

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    PBrody Guest

    Default I have a question about IUD Mirena

    Ive been on the IUD since Oct08. I had my last period on April 14. My boyfriend who is deployed had his R&R and came to visit from april 23-may3. On May 7 I had my mirena removed bc of an egg donation i am doing. Its June now and still no period. Could I be pregnant or could it be bc i removed my birthcontrol? I did some calculations and If I am prego then date of conception is April 23, the day my boyfriend arrived. Thanks
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    amal09 Guest


    I'm new to this forum and am not sure what exactly to say. I am the mother of a 13 month old girl. My last period started May 17 and lasted 4 days, which is normal. My husband and I had unprotected sex a few days before this period. I think I am experiencing symptoms (bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness, headaches, leg cramps) but my next period is due this coming sunday (june 14). My question is, even though I had a period after sex, could I be pregnant? Or is it more likely that it's just pms or my head conjuring up symptoms? I have had sex since the last period, but we used condoms. I just wanted some opinions before I go out and spend the money on a pregnancy test. Thanks.

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    Question What do I do? Not sure if pg or not?

    My last period was the 10th of June but it wasn't a normal period, was rather light & more like spotting. Since then, I've had cramps that feel more like contractions at times, very tired, slightest thing either makes me mad or I start crying, tender breasts, etc. I haven't tested yet cause it might be too soon to tell but I don't know. Supposed to have my period on Sat the 11th July. Any suggestions?

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    dramaqueen09 Guest

    Smile i'm 25 weeks and 3 days prego no normal pms!!!

    well, my LMP was January 18th, 2009 and i'm due on 10/26/2009

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    AllenYoung Guest


    yea, dont be worried about that,cramping is very normal!

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    Default How can you tell...

    We are BF and I have no idea if I am prego or not. I already got my period so it has returned. This month I am late could I be prego? Could my period just go away again since Madelyn BF like all day with no nuks?
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    Hello All:

    I am very new to this site. So here we go. I think my last cycle started on June 25. My hubby and I had sex during my ovulation cycle. Something weird actually happened though. During sex, I started to bleed. I went to wipe, but it was light brown and went away. Now, I have been nauseated for about 1 week. I experience these headaches that feel like lightening has struck me, and the area around my areiolas are really dark on one and I can see the ring forming on the other. I have cramps that feel like someone is pinching my ab wall. I seriously want to vomit after I eat. but don't.

    Help Please

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    Hello Ladies

    Can some one help me here?
    i gave birth june 12, but lost the baby so i was given a pill that stopped my milk production. I had my lochia for 3weeks and by the 4th week i was clear, so DH and I started having sex. aweek later i started having what seemed like lochia again ranging from the brown to pinkish, and this went on and off for about aweek or so, but now its gone again and we are still having sex.

    I have recently noticed that i feel pulse in my tummy when am in bed.
    I have headaches
    I feel Hungry
    I was cramping for about 4 days last week
    My breasts are not sore but my nipples get sore to coldness. Which again makes me think may be i am not pregnant after all. My last pregnancy, my tits got terribly sore

    Could i be pregnant?
    P.S. i would be GLAD if i am
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    Default Was I pregnant or not?

    When I tried to dye my hair it didn't work and I don't usually have a problem, also when I took a home pregnancy test on Mon it showed I was prego but when I went into the er cause I started spotting, but I did a blood test and it didn't show anything as far as me being prego. The only thing they found was some cysts on my ovaries, can that cause a false positive? Please help me out!!!

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    etisdale Guest

    Default Mines are....

    <a href=""><img src="" alt="pregnancy due date" border="0" /></a>

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    TaintedLove Guest


    Well I'm 17 DPC and so far in the last 2 weeks I've had spotting for a few days, and then the slight cramping came not too long after, my nipples were a bit sore for a day or two but my breasts weren't tender at all. I also had a few nights and even middle of the days with nausea, no vomiting. I've had hot flashes, slight headaches, back pain and some serious fatigue. I can't lay my head to anything without falling asleep and it's like I'm uncomfortable 24/7, it's like no matter what position I'm in I can't seem to get in a good spot.

    So having said this I was wondering if I may be pregnant? My next menstrual cycle is to start between the 28th of September and the 1st of October. I took 2 HPT's already which I know I took them way too early but I can't find out soon enough. I have one more left over and I plan on taking it either Saturday or Sunday, probably Sunday to get a better read but I was just wondering from past mothers if these would be signs and/or symptoms pf pregnancy?

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    TaintedLove, I'm not a mom yet but from what I've read those are all signs of pregnancy. Unfortunately it seems that many of them are also signs of AF. Hope testing goes well for you this weekend!
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    Im going through similar issues. I been going through this for bout 2 weeks now swollen breast,and they're gettin dark around the nipple and they're painful. Im also havin pain in my lower ab and lower back. My chest got vains everywhere,In bloated and everything. But went to the doc and test neg. 2 weeks ago. took preg. test today and test neg. My last period was August 12,2009 and doctors are sayin i may be goin through post-menopause at 35, WHAT??????? I have 3 kids and theres an idea how im sappose to feel, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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    wifeandmommy Guest

    Default just curious

    I am new to the site. My husband and I have a son who is 21 months and have been talking about trying to conceive. For the last 2-3 months we have not used any protection so that we may conceive. Well Sept. 16th I moved our very heavy tv and the next day I started bleeding. Thought it was my period however it was only two days with some slight cramping.. Usually bleed for 5. Since it was only 2 days I took 2 tests both neg. Now I have been having some breast tenderness in only one breast, many food cravings, some tiredness,back pains and very little nausea. I am wondering if I could be pregnant. Not sure why I am only tender in one breast. When I was pregnant with my son, I had n/v for 4 1/2 months and it started very soon. Can someone please give me their thoughts on this.

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    armywife09 Guest

    Red face I think I may be pregnant

    I am brand new to this site and hope i am doing it right. I have been cramping for 4 days and am 5 days late for my cycle. Recent headaches and extreme fatigue have plagued me along with thirst and crying alot. I have been trying to conceive for a while but dont want to be disappointed at another negative test. I have not had these symptoms before. Even though i am cramping like a normal period but not bleeding,could i be pregnant? Tonight after eating with friends (we ate the same things) i vomitted and felt better this a symptom?

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