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Thread: Early Pregnancy signs/symptoms

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    Rachel H Guest


    Hi all, My husband & I have been married for 2 1/2 years and for the first time I think I may be pregnant. We had sex 11/24 and 11/25. My period is due last night/today and nothing yet. I have a regular 28 day cycle. I felt noticeable cramping about 4 days after we had sex. My nipples are sore and my breasts on the sides and under parts are sore too. I had to go into urgent care on monday (11/10) due to being extremely dizzy. They tested me but I was BFN, I took another test 11/12 (yesterday) and it too was negative. Thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachel H View Post
    Hi all, My husband & I have been married for 2 1/2 years and for the first time I think I may be pregnant. We had sex 11/24 and 11/25. My period is due last night/today and nothing yet. I have a regular 28 day cycle. I felt noticeable cramping about 4 days after we had sex. My nipples are sore and my breasts on the sides and under parts are sore too. I had to go into urgent care on monday (11/10) due to being extremely dizzy. They tested me but I was BFN, I took another test 11/12 (yesterday) and it too was negative. Thoughts?
    If you haven't started your period yet do another test.

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    BatGirl1322 Guest

    Default stress or pregnant

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone else has pregnancy symptoms, and if so, was it due to stress or were you pregnant?
    sore boobs
    head aches
    heart burn, mostly at night, and when i wake up
    i can smell everything like its in my nose
    exhaustion but not always able to sleep
    i hate cooking but ive been doing it alot lately....thats not really a symptom but its
    if anyone can help or just give me an idea, im going to take a test but ive had a pos test before and i wasnt i think it was fluke..

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    layannallah Guest


    Hello I am new to this posting stuff. However I have 3 children two boys and 1 girl. for the month on December I was in the hospital because I was very sick. well on Jan 1 I started my period which came late it was supposed to come on December 28th but didn't show until Jan 1st 2013. I came off of my period on the 7th and my husband and I have been having unprotected sex every single say since. Monday the 14th until Wednesday the 16th I started experiencing period like cramps that started on one side but then would switch to the other side and off and on through out the days. After that my nipples started to become really sore and hurt(tingling sensation) more when any piece of clothing touch them. A few days later I started to experience migraine headaches that came out of no where. I am a lot hungrier than usual. Every smell bothers me and sometimes my husband can't even smell what it is that I am smelling. I am very nauseous all day but never vomiting. My next expected period should be on the 29th but my question is does this sound like I can be pregnant again? How early after conception can you start to feel symptoms? With my boys I never had any symptoms and with my daughter the only symptom that I had was morning sickness. Also I don't even know when I should even test because with my other kids even after a missed period the home test still came up negative because it was still too early. My doctor did a blood test and that s how I found out. Please help

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    Default 2 weeks late, negative hpt...

    Hello. I'd been on the nuvaring for about 6 or so years. I was actually off it for about 3 months recently and then on for a month (took it out early December). So all through December and January i have been off it again. I always had regular 28 day cycles almost like clockwork. Even when i was off for the 3 months it was pretty much right on give a day or 2. Even in January it was a couple days early. My last period would have started on January 2 and ended the 6th. It's now February 13 and Im 2 weeks late. i had very light spotting on the 31st... like a couple of drops. Im fairly certain I ovulated around the 14-16th..could have been a couple days later. I am having a ton of prego symptoms now and feel a kind of fluttery cramping in my lower abdomen. I've taken a few tests and all negative. Im going to my doctor's in the morning but has anyone else ever been through this before and turned out pregnant? Or are these all side effect from messing with my bc? like i said before, i was off for 3 months before and this NEVER happened. Here's hoping tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by katalina1314 View Post
    It drove me crazy wondering if I was pregnant or not the last two weeks. It turns out I am so I hope this list of symptoms help.

    The symptoms started almost right away.

    Swollen, tingling breasts
    aversion to coffee
    heartburn the first week and a half after conception
    headaches daily
    weekness/ fatigue
    extreme hunger
    don't know if this is a symptom but I've been really thirsty
    about a week after conception I felt sick for about an hour (light headed, dizzy, little nauseous, and crying for no reason)

    I hope this helps.
    this helps me worry more!! Haha! I have all these symptoms but only 10 days since I have had sex and am worrying I am pregnant.!

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    Default Please help this paranoid!

    Hi all,
    So, I've done my due research on all topics 'pregnant' and I have a good theoretical idea of how to know if you're pregnant. But the problem is, I've read up too many articles in which ladies have given examples proving these symptoms wrong. And as a result, I've ended up so paranoid.

    I need help from some one to reassure me that I'm not pregnant. Just a little background, my BF and I last were together on Dec 14 ('12) and we did not have actual sex. He did enter me just a little and only for a few mins, and didn't come.

    Now, 3 months later, I'm worrying myself sick because of all the 'possibilities' I've read about.

    - I could get pregnant without having sex, and just by precum! (I didn't even know this word till a week ago)
    - It's been claimed by many women that a pregnancy might remain hidden even to doctors for quite a few weeks

    Now, following is my history:
    - I have had all my 3 periods on time and normal (as far as I remember), but then, so many women claim to have had normal periods all through their pregnancies
    - I don't have any of the usual symptoms like sore breasts, frequent urination, nausea or food cravings. But then many women can escape this as well during their pregnancy
    - I DO get extremely moody/sad/emotional, but I've been like that for many months now, due to relationship issues.
    - Finally, I took a HPT just last week which was a day before my periods, and it came out negative (followed the instruction of first sample in the morning etc).

    In spite of all this, I have this almost indescribably crazy fear that I could be pregnant. Especially because I've put on quite some weight in the last few months and now particularly on my tummy. I am having gas and slight constipation and I can't stop imagining like I can feel flutters. Just a note though: I have hyphothyroidism and have been suffering from mild depression and fatigue for quite a long time.

    Finally, I have always had regular periods with a 3-4 week cycle. My this month's periods have ended just today. Is it too soon to take a HPT tomorrow morning?

    And is there any off-chance that I might actually be pregnant at this stage and just not know it? I am really not ready and just don't want to be one of those women who discover they were preggers only once they go into labour!

    Please help.. this paranoia is driving me crazy!!

    Ton of thanks in advance

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    My period is due in two days but for the last week ive had bloating, increase hunger, loose stools (sorry tmi), one episode of cramping a few days after ovulation, and lower back pain on my right side. Could this be pregnancy related on my best friend is on her way? Lol

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    Anyone ever have tingly nipples when pregnant? AF is due tomorrow, and I'm on pins and needles waiting hoping she doesnt show! My breasts have been sore off and on the last 3 days, but last night and some today, my left nipple has felt tingly! I've never had this sensation before! Anyone have any thoughts?
    Me (28) DH (32) DSD (9) DD (born 12/22/13)

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    I always have mood swings, but I am not sure if I am pregnant yet. Will you experience these symptoms few weeks after the intercourse? I'm hoping to get pregnant but I haven't seen any signs yet. Hope that I will have in the succeeding days.

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    I have felt like i am have pregnant from about a week an 3/4 after i think i may have conceived .. since than i started with head achs horrible head ach than cramping , next was needing to pee all the time everyday that get's worse , now i feel like i am in a dazz dizzy nausea the head achs are right along with this , not wanting to eat and when i do its over bored or barley can ugh but my last period was march 1 but feb was a short month an i should have had it the 30 of feb . am i going crazy but could i really be pregnant?O YA AN I KEEP CRYING FOR NO REASON AT ALL
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    o wow i am not the only one i still i have a few days till my expected period but i have all those plus alot of no reason crying

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    I hope this help a few of your questions. I have a child that is know five. I had soar breast but I didn't think anything of it and thought my period was due and then I was sick after I eat and then I started spotting on the day of my cycle was suppose to start so I thought it was signs of my period but then I just had spotting through out and cramps along with hunger and nausea I thought I had a caught the flu and usually when my cycle starts my soar boobs go away but they got worse still spotting I went to the doctor they told me to take a test and I was five weeks pregnant and I had a boy who is know five so make sure you pay close attention to your body and signs all pregnancies are different but don't stress out to miscarry before you find out that also happen to me before hope this was helpful

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    Had my first IUI on March 22nd. I am on my 7th day till testing on April Fools (April 1st). I have had nonstop cramping, feel sluggish and my breasts feel a little different. I took two tests and negative and just wondering if I could be pregnant. I feel so lost.

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    There is always a possibility of being pregnant until AF shows. Isn't it really early to be testing if your IUI was just on the 22nd? I am not really familiar with IUIs though. When is AF due for you?

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    Hello all...

    I am currently worrying as to whether or not I am pregnant. I am only 17 years old and was in no way trying to conceive, but hey, stuff happens. If I am, I will just have to suffer the consequences for the decision that I made, I am thoroughly against abortion but do not feel that I am strong enough to be a pregnant woman. I have not taken a home pregnancy test yet although my AF was due about 4 days ago. I seem to be too afraid to face the truth because I've just got this feeling that I am, that's why I've been so okay with putting off getting a test because I am almost certain that I am because I have never felt this way before or this in-tune with my body, it's quite strange. I do not remember the date of my last menstrual period but I am positive of the possible date of conception, which would be March 17th, exactly 12 days ago. 5 days after having unprotected sex, I got a brown spotting followed by two days of bright red bleeding. I thought this was my period, but it would have been a few days early. Strange thing is, this bleeding only lasted two days and followed by brown spotting just like before I began to bleed. I had never before had a period that lasted two days or have had such a bright red of blood. So I do not know whether to chalk this up as an early period or implantation/decidual bleeding since I did not get my period the 25th which is when my AF usually is each month (though I tend to have an irregular period alot.) I have read that a test is best about 14 days after conception so if I do not get my full blown period within 3 days I will go out and get a test. Unless you think right now is a good time where there is no possibility of getting a false negative because I do not want to go through this. I am just so scared and at such a crossroad & have no idea what to do with my life as of now.

    Thankyou & God bless!!

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    Your best bet is to test. Either way, positive or negative, you've got to know so you can take the next steps. It's scary, but you need to face it eventually. Good luck and keep us posted!
    Me (28) DH (32) DSD (9) DD (born 12/22/13)

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    Thank you KayDub for your response! I just took a test this morning and it came up negative, if I don't get my period within a week I'm going to test again just in case. Thanks again

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    Hey i need someone to talk to can one of yall write me please

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    I am 23. I am on Seasonique for birth control so, I only get my period every two months. I had my last period at the end of April my next period is due in 3 weeks. I missed a pill about 2 weeks into my pack I have been faithful up to that and since. I havent showed any symptoms but I am still worried about being pregnant but, I know pregnancy test when you are on BC can give you a false negative. Am I worrying over nothing or do I have reason to be concerned?

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    Default pregnancy symptoms

    I got my BFP on 12dpo and wanted to post my symptoms. I ovulated on Day 11, early yes but it was confirmed using the ovulation test strips
    6 dpo I had slight stomach cramps and nasuea, I thought it was dinner
    7 DPO slightly nasueas and upset stomach
    8 DPO nasueaus, cried while watching a tv show, warm all the time and upset stomach, breasts were swollen and could see blue veins that normally aren't there
    9 DPO took HPT just to see and was BFN, still slightly nasueaus, increased hunger and upset stomach
    10 DPO increased hunger, warmer than normal and upset stomach, tired
    11 DPO quick cramping feeling in stomach, tired
    12 DPO upset stomach, increased hunger, nasueas and warmer than noramal. took a HPT and very faint positive
    13 DPO took digital HPT and got the BFP I was hoping for.

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    Hi ladies, I am new here My question is... I am now 2 days late (typically very normal periods) and had a neg. hpt. Could I still be pregnant? only had some mild cramping a couple days ago, none since. Experiencing fatigue, bloating, emotional, mild nausea off and on. Has anyone experienced a neg. hpt after a missed period but were indeed pregnant? Any opinions appreciated! Thank you!

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    It's nice to read the different signs and symptoms. I'm 23 days late and don't have any of the normal signs.
    Although I will say, and not to sound gross, I have had increased discharge, extreme moodiness, extra gas, but nothing else. I'm waiting to know for sure whether I am pregnant, 55 days since last period and counting!

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    Hi guys totally new to all this but I desperately need some help. I've always had extremely wild periods I have ovarian cysts as well as an eating disorder but since I had my son they've chilled out just a little but now I'm currently 20 days late for my period with mood swings sore and tingly breasts slight cramping tenderness around my uterus and a full feeling down low and gas as well as an increased sense of smell I took a pregnancy test when I was 7 days late and it was negative so I thought I was just gonna have a really heavy period but still nothing I took another test this morning and it was negative as well but then I went to the bathroom and wiped and there was this stringy mucus that was brown almost like old blood but that hasn't happened again since so I called my ob and they said that I should wait a week and take another test and let them know the results regardless because if I'm not pregnant than something is wrong with me I'm extremely worried I could really use an objective opinion PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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    Default Confused

    Hi. I have been having tenderness on and off in both breast and when I squeeze them I have a clear/cloudy liquid that comes out. I am also experiencing low abdominal and back pain. I have the implanon that last for three years in my arm and august of this year will make two years. I just had a cycle a couple a weeks ago. I also took a pregnancy test which was negative. Is it to early to know if I could be pregnant or if I'm even pregnant?????

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    Default Could I be pregnant??

    Hello ladies,

    So my story is very hard to figure out what's really going on with my body. I'll start with the basics. I'm 25 years old, never been pregnant, but have been on 2 different forms of contraceptive off and on. Recently I've been on the patch, as of January 2014. I have not been on any birth control since then and I've only had irregular menstrual cycles up until June 2014. My last irregular cycle was in May, it stopped for a few days and started back up and lasted until the end of June.

    As of, maybe, 1 or 2 days ago my breast have become extremely EXTREMELY sore, where I can't even jump up and down. My right side a little to the left from my underarm is extremely sore and the muscle is hurting like crazy. Yesterday night my stomach started cramping up, as if I had gas on my stomach, which I thought it was because every time I passed gas, it felt a little better. I had a cocktail also, so I thought maybe bit could have been that.

    I know my situation is a little far fetched but hopefully someone can jog something from this. My appetite has also been up and down. I'd be starving one minute but the second I get food I only eat a little or I force myself to finish it. Ultimately I'm going to get a test tomorrow to be sure. Hopefully someone can help.

    P.S I'm starving right now (12:48 am CST)

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