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Hello Everyone I am new to this too. We have been TTC for several months and sadly had a M/C in early May. Since then we've just been concentrating on getting healthy and not worrying too much, but my AF is now 8 days late ... and I've been getting the following symptoms:

Very tender swollen breasts
Lower back pain and pain in my hips
Cramps in lower abdomen
Indigestion and bowel problems
Very sleepy all the time (though my DH says that is normal for me)
Weepy for no reason (see above)

I know I should really do a test, but I am enjoying the maybe maybe maybe ... and don't want to have a BFN!!!

I will take a test (or three or four) soon!

Good luck to all you lovely ladies out there and keep your fingers crossed for me!

good luck hun i hope you get your BFP!! im sorry for your loss