Hi like a lot of people here I am new. My fiance and I aren't planning on conceiving anytime soon, but I keep getting this sneaking suspicion that the big man upstairs feels that it's time for us to bring in a third little member to our family (he has a beautiful 9 year old daughter and a handsome 12 year old son from previous marriage). I don't want to tell him just yet about my suspicions until they are confirmed because I don't want him to get his hopes up (we had a suspicion in September). My periods are spot on 27 days apart usually pretty heavy with clots for about 4 days. We had sex during the first week of January (which happened to be my fertile period) and used a condom, but only just before he got off. About 10 days later I had some cramping in my lower abdomen. About a week later we were intimate again and the following day I started bleeding this dark reddish brown blood. I bleed for 2 days and noticed that it wasn't like my normal period (no clots no bright red). I started to suspect at that time. Since then any abnormal symptoms that I've had I have taken note of so here they are.

-Very mild lower abdomenal cramping from time to time usually at the end of a busy shift at work.
-Mild fatigue, I'm a night owl which is why I choose to work the evening shift and I'm up a good part of the night, lately I've been falling asleep shortly after midnight (tonight is an exception because it is my weekend off).
-I am lactose intolerant and lately I have been craving ice cream and chocolate milk and eating them. Usually after I consume milk products within 45 minutes I am in a terrible amount of pain, but lately I haven't had any of these symptoms.
-High pulse I don't know if it is pregnancy related, but while at work I checked my pulse (I had been resting and was nowhere near stressed) and my pulse was 126 bpm.
-Lower abdomen is hardening.
-My sex drive is through the roof.

The symptoms are mild and I haven't had any other early first trimester symptoms other than these. Has anyone else experienced this or am I completely crazy. I am testing at the end of this week when I get paid just to be sure.