my period was sept 11 and lasted 5 days as usual, im due for it tomorrow, yes i have a long cycle,,my baby is six months old, i also have a son who is seven and a daughter who is five,,we are all set on little people and are very happy with three,,well two or more weeks ago my boobs (nipples) started hurting, which doesnt happen to me, unless my period is going on and even then sometimes nothing,,ive had heart burn bad, ive never had morning sickness at all, but i almost pulled over the other day because all of a sudden i was going to throw up,,in a blink of an eye it went away, lower back pain like i pulled a muscle or something, but that is now gone, i had it for about a week,,im hoping this is NOTHING, my last baby was an emergency C section, and still i have nightmares,,what do you ladied think?