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Thread: Early Pregnancy signs/symptoms

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    Default help

    But before that I started my period June 14,2008 and it ended June 19,2008. But my period didnt start until July 31,2008

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    Kiababy, I would go by your longest cycle and determine from that whether you are late or not, if you feel you are or that your cycles are irratic enough to warrant you taking a test, take one hun x
    Make an ovulation ticker
    Me-35,DH-36,DS-16,DD-15.TTC for 15 months, m/c @ 4w 5d Dec'07 and fibroids.

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    Thanks jen x I still havent started my period but my boobs have been hurting like heck for like two or three weeks and I keep having lower abdomen pains it will be like a sharp pain then go away then come back I thought that my period was going to start because I had those symptoms but it still hasn't started

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    Hey Jen x I am pregnant I am 8 weeks I am sad to say I am going to get an abortion my boyfriend doesnt want to keep it we cant afford a kid.

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    i think its bull that someone who dosent want to be pregnant is and those of us who have been try to get pregnant fiance and i have been trying for over a year now.. im really giving up hope.. does anyone have any advice for me?

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    what happened to all the pregnancy symptoms that this thread was supposed to be about

    oh, and PLEASE dont get an she said. There are so many better options out there. If you haven't gotten an abortion yet (Or even if you have and are regretting it) please see if there is a 'Care Net' center in your area. They help with girls struggling with unwanted pregnancys as well as women who've had abortions.
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    My early signs the first week or so, before I knew for sure I was preggo:

    Tender, swelling breasts, particularly nipples
    Indigestion (which I had NEVER had in my life)
    Sensitivity to heat outdoors (I was in New Orleans in July)
    Extreme hunger (ready to eat after even a large meal in 1.5 hours)
    Severe nausea on one evening (on what turned out to be implantation day)
    Bloating, gas

    The week after I found out (4 days passed missed period) constant cramps--not intense pain, but dull "discomfort," sometime running up on either side of belly button.

    Crampiness, or feeling like I was about to start my period continued off and on until about 7 or 8 weeks.

    No implanatation bleeding that I was aware of, but spotted off and on the first trimester: from 6 to 7 wks, from 8.5 to 9 wks.

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    Af is late but it normally is sometimes.. about a week...
    last night i experienced some cramping like i was going to start...never did. but i had to keep going to the bath room to check because i am having alot of discharge. i have had alot of bloating and gas (to an extreme) for about the past week. my boobs aren't sore. i am always tired... i want to be preggo soooo bad... is it just my mind playing tricks on me or should i take a test?

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    Hey just popping in from OCT due dates. I just wanted to tell you ladies one thing that really made me feel/know that I was prego. My BOOBS hurt soo bad, they were so tender..other than that, around 4-6 weeks of being prego (before I found out I was) I was soo nauseous

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    Jess08 - did you breast feed the first baby? When you stop you are VERY fertile...I know a lady who got pregnant 2 months after giving birth...oh and spermicides don't always work...that's why they are not effective birth control it's possible you are

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    Hey amie,
    I have had some issues too and I think I am preg but blood and urine are both neg. You were preg even with though you tested neg?

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    Hi there...
    So this is my first posting. I am questioning pregnancy symptoms as well.
    I have an 11 year old son, so it has been quite a long time since I have been pregnant.
    I know a lot of people come on here and ask the symptoms and really the only answer is..."TAKE A TEST". That is really the only way anyone will know.
    BUT I also know that the waiting is painful when you do or you do not want to be pregnant.
    In MY case... I DO! I sooo want to be pregnant.. but I am going to 32 years old this month.
    So I am wondering how fertile I am now.
    So my period was on Sept. 12th. I had unprotected sex on the 26th and he did ejac. in me.
    The last two days I have had a little dull pain in my abdomin and my breasts are so tender! He can't even touch my nipples.
    So humor me.. what are the chances...

    Waiting.... :O)
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    It could be pregnancy, or it could be PMS...TEST!!
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    I know... I don't know when I should test...
    I am not due until the 12th of October.
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    Hi everyone. I'm dropping in from "October Testers." Just wanted to see if anyone was having the same symptoms as me. Looks like you are....

    I'm having these exact same symptoms. AF isn't due until 10/15, but I'm wondering if I should test. Boobs are sore; been having cramping for about a week now; backahes; slight headaches; waves of nausea every now and then. This is our first month TTC since a mc in May. So my fear is that I'm just imagining all of these symptoms, and it's really just PMS.

    Quote Originally Posted by dena View Post
    I've been having backaches, cramps all week, burping excessively which I never do, light headaches, sore boobs started yesterday and been tired around lunch time all week. Oh and i've had alot of light to moderate nausea without getting sick for over about a week now. Supposed to start AF tomorrow, hoping she doesn't come. Should I POAS Sunday or wait longer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lacy View Post

    i had unprotected sex last friday and he did not pull out... i started this morning(tuesday). should i be okay? or is it still possible that i could be pregnant?
    It's always possible to be pregnant.. but remember the time span to actually be able to conceive is very little.
    I highly doubt you are pregnant.
    Are you on any type of birth control??
    Always use protection... you gotta protect yourself.
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    I am supposed to start today and I didn't.
    My boobs are swollen and hurt so much! Especially at night and in the morning. I won't even let him touch them because they are so tender.
    They feel like they way a ton and they are full of sharp nails!
    Sounds horrific huh? haha..

    I will wait a few more days and then test.
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    I hope we all get BFP!
    We love our BIG FAMILY

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    i would say if you had it for 7 days, youre not pregnant. Especially since it was a medium flow. Are you on any type of birth control?
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    you might want to start a new thread and get the girls opinions there You will probably have a higher response
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    Is it normal for symptoms to come and go? Or, trade one symptom for another? My breasts were so sore for the first 2 weeks. Not so much anymore, but now I'm having terrible leg cramps in the back of my upper thighs. Has anyone ever had them?

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    I started a new thread, but just updating here..
    I am now 4 days late.. tomorrow will be day number 5.
    I am sooo scared to test!

    I really want it to be a BFP!!
    But my symptoms are becoming more as the days go by.
    I will keep you posted.. for those who care. LOL
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    Well, my symptoms where correct. I tested and we are PREGNANT!
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    congrats kima!!! YAY!!
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    wannabemommy31 this is whati got
    MONTH 1:
    10/07/08 - First day of your cycle
    10/18/08 - A little bit fertile
    10/19/08 - Fertile
    10/20/08 - VERY fertile
    10/21/08 - Time to ovulate

    if you had sex on the 18tha d 19th you should be good. sperm last up 2 5 days in you. it also say you should get a BFP by the 31 good luck
    if you dont get your period just test.

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    Thumbs down Unusual sign of pregnancy

    Quote Originally Posted by smithta3 View Post
    Anyone experience the symptom of excessive saliva??? I am now, since yesterday. I looked it up on the internet and guess what one of the causes of excessive saliva is PREGNANCY - - Let's hope that when I test on the 5th or after it's a

    Here's the website:
    I have had the following symptoms: cramping all week when AF due, which has continued for the next two weeks; tender breasts; mild sickness in the morning on a few occasions; headache lasting several days; bloating; and ... excessive saliva... I know I should do a test, but I want a baby so much I think I prefer not knowing and thinking there might be a chance. Still, not knowing is driving me crazy - I really will do the test tomorrow ...:pray:
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    I am hoping you all can help me. I have not been that great at keeping track of my BBT or CM systematically since my DH and I started TTC, rather I kind of do "spot checks" on my CM to look for egg white consistency. We have been TTC for ~3 mo, but not really *trying* that hard i.e. BD like <2X a month. This month however I spot checked my CM and one morning found it to be of egg white consistency and that same evening I was having what I believe were middleschmertz cramps, so I summoned my DH for the old BD. 9dpo I started experiencing "Symptoms" like sore bb's and strange sudden nausea that would go away as quickly as it came, and some sporadic bouts of fatigue. Normally my bb's do not become sore before AF. Also just to note my LMP was strange, in the sense that I had light pink spotting on the 29th and 30th of Sept. and then started flowing on the 1st of Oct. So would you guys say that my LMP started on sept 29th, 30th, or the 1st of oct? We BD'ed on the 15th when I felt the ovulation symptoms I described above. Any insight into my scenario would be appreciated from all these baby experts here in this forum. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

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    hey chem_gurl...
    I had the same "egg white" consistency when we conceived back in Sept.
    My breasts became sore within, I believe, 2 weeks after we conceived.
    My nausea didn't come until about a week ago. I am about 6 or 7 weeks along. I had the dull cramping and horrible fatigue for a few weeks now.
    You are having the same symptoms as I have and had.
    I would definelty test as soon as you can.
    I also had little headaches that came and went.
    Let us know your results.. also.. get on prenatals as soon as possible even if you aren't preggos this time.

    HUGS and I will pray for you to have a BFP!!

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    pprincessmissy Guest

    Question help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi my name is Melissa. I started to bleed 3 or 4 day earlier then I usully do and all it was olny spoting for about 5 or 6 days, my brest are sore, I feel sick to my stomach, and my back hurts and I have tried cracking it. Is it possible for me to be pregnant?

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    Hey MindiLou you sound like your pregnant or having a miscarriage I just recently had a miscarriage...........You should find the nearest clinic..........God bless

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