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    Okay, my birthday was June 10th and I threw my party the 7th... I know for sure I wasn't on my period that night, but I can't really remember if I had started on my birthday birthday or after wards. If I had started on my birthday I'm definitely late, but I kinda feel like I might have started the week afterwards. Anyways, it's been either exactly a month since I have had my period or just a little less than a month, my boobs are soooooooo tender and kind of itchy but not as bad as it was when I was pregnant with my daughter, but then again with her, I didn't really have itchy boobs til like it's been 2 months without a period!!!! And before I ever had kids I never had ANY symptoms of a period. Like, no cramps, tender boobs, sleepiness ect. Only a heavy flow and moodiness. But, since I have had paisley I DEF get cramps and the **** sucks lol but this is the first time I felt my boobs were this tender AND I'm having a mild case of heart burn I think... Can this be pregnancy THAT fast??? Like, my stupid bf nutted inside me like literally 2 times, and it was completely unprotected... I just feel like if I was pregnant I wouldn't be having these signs so soon considering I did just have my period either a month ago or 3 weeks ago, I'm freeeeeeeeking out, I don't want to be pregnant again, I need to know that this is nothing but PMS?!?!? Pleaseeee tell me it's just PMS... But honestly I need some truthful answers here? 😥 please help? ANYBODY

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    Early pregnancy symptoms are very much like pms, so that doesn't help things when you're wondering if you're pregnant or not. You very likely could be pregnant since you had unprotected sex, but the only way to tell is to take a pregnancy test. Some people get a positive before their period is due. Good luck and I hope that you get the answer that you want.

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    when i got pg with my second child i was nauseated within 5 days of the intercourse... (i was on the mini pill and missed one) when i got the nausea i didn't realize for several weeks that i was pg. ( dr confirmed the pg and did an u/s when i was 7 ish weeks along)

    so yes symptoms can start early for some people.
    you could be pg. take a pg test to know for sure. but also know that some people don't get a positive reading on a pg test till after their period is 1 week late.

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