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Thread: Am I Pregnant?? Help??!!

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    Default Am I Pregnant?? Help??!!

    This last month I had a brown discharge for about a week before ovulation. I'm still a virgin. I have made my boyfriend cum but he didn't get in anywhere near me nor my vagina. However, I am now three days late on my period and I becoming worried. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Or is it possible that this discharge has cause me to have my period be later? Please help!!!

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    I would say that you are not pregnant. Weird and wonky periods happen to the best of us and stress is a big period killer! Trust me on that one

    But really, no sex = no pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about that.

    If you are so worried that even having ejaculate near you though I would highly recommend refraining from any type of sexual relations. You should try reading up on just exactly how sex and pregnancy actually works (sorry, I don't have any good links for you).

    If you are still in school you could ask the school nurse for reading materials. Maybe stop by a women's clinic if you have access to one to pick up information as well.

    At this point, I think more information on how it all works will really help to ease your mind. And in the mean time keep away from your boyfriend's naughty bits.

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