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Thread: Wash/disinfect used dipes

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    Default Wash/disinfect used dipes

    I just recd my first used diaper and I wasn't sure how to go about cleaning it (TTO?). Tia!

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    I use the cycle where they soak in hot water for 30 sec, put detergent and vinegar, rinse twice with cold water. Dry as usual.
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    I've always just washed as usual. Hot water and detergent is pretty good at getting everything out. I'm really not a fan of using alternative microbial agents when there is a question of safety. When in doubt I always go bleach (I was a microbiologist and bleach always got us 0 CFU with an occasional maybe 1 CFU even when we were using strains at a concentration of 10^6). It will kill everything.
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    I just throw them in with my next load of diapers and do my regular, cold rinse, hot wash w/tto, second rinse. I don't think I've had a new diaper since Savana was still in them so all of mine are used and they've never been hard to clean.
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    Thanks ladies. I just wasnt sure in case there was staph, etc present.

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