It has been 2 months now, and I am wondering if I could be pregnant. I did have 2 periods. Quite different than usual: different texture, lighter, later, thicker. Starting a few weeks ago, I started having recurrent head aches, lightheaded by time (rarely), cramps, tiredness, lower back pain, bloating, difficulty sleeping and I even dislike my favorite food. All I want to eat is apples with peanut butter or salad. I am on the pill, and we had sex when I was "ovulating". I was feeling weird last week and went for blood work to check for anemia. I know pregnancy would not be showing on the result, but my blood did not show any sign of anemia or thyroid dysfunction. I have been reading a lot about early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Though I didn't miss any period and I am on the pill, my chances of being pregnant are really low but I know it is possible. When I think about going to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test I think I am over thinking this and I can not be pregnant. But it is upsetting me since a while, and some websites say "feeling pregnant" is an early sign of pregnancy. But again, I might just be obsessing with the idea. Though I don't want to be. I am 19, and my boyfriend and I are not together anymore.