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Thread: Am I Pregnant 1-1/2 month.

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    Default Am I Pregnant 1-1/2 month.

    It has been 2 months now, and I am wondering if I could be pregnant. I did have 2 periods. Quite different than usual: different texture, lighter, later, thicker. Starting a few weeks ago, I started having recurrent head aches, lightheaded by time (rarely), cramps, tiredness, lower back pain, bloating, difficulty sleeping and I even dislike my favorite food. All I want to eat is apples with peanut butter or salad. I am on the pill, and we had sex when I was "ovulating". I was feeling weird last week and went for blood work to check for anemia. I know pregnancy would not be showing on the result, but my blood did not show any sign of anemia or thyroid dysfunction. I have been reading a lot about early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Though I didn't miss any period and I am on the pill, my chances of being pregnant are really low but I know it is possible. When I think about going to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test I think I am over thinking this and I can not be pregnant. But it is upsetting me since a while, and some websites say "feeling pregnant" is an early sign of pregnancy. But again, I might just be obsessing with the idea. Though I don't want to be. I am 19, and my boyfriend and I are not together anymore.

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    If you were taking the pill correctly and not on any other medication that would make it ineffective, it is very unlikely that you were ovulating at all (one school of thought - the other that the pill simply prevents implantation not ovulation). So, I doubt that you are pregnant but stranger things have happened.
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    I think it's highly unlikely that you're pregnant but if you want to ease your mind there's no harm in taking a test. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your feedback. All the signs are there, I also forgot to mention vaginal discharge and tender breast. I know those as well as previously stated are broad signs that could be associated with different affections. But now here is the question. If this is not pregnancy, what could it be?

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    Our minds really like to play tricks on us sometimes....We read into everything when we "think" were pregnant. I have given myself false symptoms countless times and i never have relief until i take a pee test. Just spend the few dollars or go to a free clinic and it will put your mind at ease. All the stress that your putting yourself under by thinking you are could contribute the the headaches. And discharge and tender breasts are normal signs of PMS. GL!!

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