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Thread: When did your older child wean and how?

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    Default When did your older child wean and how?

    Seriously at loss here. DS2 who is close to 3 loves him some booby juice. He has to take it in the early morning and right after he wakes up (he usually wakes up at 4:30-5 and nurses and falls asleep till 6:30 when he nurses again). He WILL NOT WEAN, will not. He dropped all other sessions with some work on my part but the morning ones are a must. One morning he missed the 6:30 session and my boobs got engorged. He must be sucking like a pump and my body keeps making milk in those early hours, although I don't nurse him for the rest of the day or at night.

    When did your older child wean and how?
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    Sorry mine hasn't stopped yet either. Somedays I think dd will wean before him as he is way more into nursing than she is

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    Zeke will not wean either! I'm ready, so ready. I am hanging in there with it and still love the closeness, but I'm ready to have my body back. Especially since we are TTC#2 and I do not want to tandem nurse. Let me know if you figure out the magic answer, otherwise I guess I'll just keep on pushing slowly to wean. Maybe it'll just click one day and these stubborn boys will move on!
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    Emme was pretty much only nursing to sleep at night and then in the morning when she woke up. This summer I started watching my friends boys and they were here bright and early in the morning, 2-3 hours before our normal wake-up time. Because the boys were already here when Emme woke up she almost never asked to nurse, she just wanted to get up and go see them. And then after a full day of playing she would crash out in bed at night before she had a chance to nurse. Once I realized she had gone 5 full bedtimes without nursing to sleep I decided I was taking the opportunity to wean her. In reality I was so done and had been for a while. She was a little mad at me for a while, demanding I nurse her when she wanted it, but there were never any tears. During the next month she would get upset every once in a while (because she fell down, got her feeling hurt, etc) and she would want to nurse, but she was fine because it was still me comforting her. It's been 2 1/2 months now and just this week she's acted interested again when she sees me changing. But she's mostly playful about it and easily distracted.

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    Piper weaned at 21 months. Seriously....she was nursing one evening. One of her many sessions after daycare and she looked at me and said "no mommy....sing". So I did and she snuggled up and fell asleep. She asked again that morning around 5am but then denied me and said "no mommy.....cup". That was it. It was over. Still makes me sad. I had no idea it was coming. We had night weaned and I was working on her falling asleep without nursing using pats and snuggles and such but I had no idea it was coming. There is a tea made by earth momma angel baby that is organic called no more milk tea for drying you up. You might want to try it if you are truly ready.

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