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    Ill be 25w tomorrow and I think the last 2 weeks or so I have been so tired that getting up and down from the couch is hard. I measured about 27 weeks at my 23 week appointment. With my first pregnancy it was a single, but I never felt like this even at the end and I worked up until I delivered.

    I am so exhausted physically that I can't seem to do even simple things. Doesn't help that I live alone with 4 pets and an almost 6 year old. I did hire cleaning ladies, but I don't have enough support. Yesterday my mom brought fish sticks over for DD and then asked me to make dinner while she watched the news, I set the table and cleaned up too.

    I am on bedrest now for 6-8 hours a day, my energy levels are significantly down since I started that. I am so tired I just want to sit and cry about it. I think emotionally I'm tired too, trying to plan and realizing how how I am to having the boys is weighing me down and making me sad. I guess I'm just down. I'm happy to be pregnant and am blessed that things are going as smoothly as they are, but I'm tired and can't imagine what it's gonna be like in a few more weeks.

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    I'm sorry that you having such a hard time, physically, on the top of the stress of the pregnancy. I don't have a singleton pregnancy to compare to, but I was very tired and napped pretty much every day. i had a job that involved a lot of travel and I quit traveling and reduced my hours. I was lucky and had a good amount of help getting ready for the babies. If you have other family, friends or a church that might be able to help out, i would be sure to reach out.

    Good luck hanging in there!
    My 3 yo cuties!

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    I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. I was exhausted, but have/had help. I took lots of naps but was still pretty active till I was put on hospital Bedrest at 29weeks. So please take care of yourself as much as you can! I agree you need support! You will need it once they are here as well. I still have cleaners!

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    I was by far much more tired with the twin pregnancy then I was with either of my sigletons. But part of that for me could have been working 40+ hours a week, plus taking care of the two older ones, up until the day I fell and went into labor...

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    Sorry you are having it rough Mama. I am 35 weeks + 2 days and have to take a nap every afternoon. I have a hard time sleeping so I am usually asleep around 2300 but wide awake around 0300 in the AM for a few hours. Then I nap for about 2-3 hours in the afternoon when my almost 3 yr old naps. (Thank goodness she naps!!)

    I am much more tired this PG. I had two previous singleton PG's and they were cake. Super easy. This pg my main issue is just the fatigue.

    You are pretty early on - haev they been checking your Iron levels to make sure you have enough Iron? Lack of or lower levels can make you more fatigued.

    Hang in there!

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    Sorry that are you are feeling so exhausted. If it makes you feel better, I feel the same way. I am not on bedrest, but between working 24 hours a week, 2 kids at home and grad school by the end of some days I can barely walk. I can only imagine how I will feel by the end.

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