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Thread: Possibly pregnant or is it just my body still being wacky after miscarriage?

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    Default Possibly pregnant or is it just my body still being wacky after miscarriage?

    On October 5 I miscarried my first pregnancy at just about 7 weeks. My hubby and i waited til I had one normal period to ttc again, and that came on November 1 and lasted til the 8. About a week ago I experienced some cramping and since I've had a runny nose, sore throat for a couple of days, (tmi alert!) more frequent bm, as well as discharge that alternates between thin and egg white like and a pale yellow. I've also been getting very nauseous mostly at night and have some smell aversions which I did not have with my last pregnancy. My period, assuming this was a normal cycle should have come 2 says ago. I'm not having any real kind of cramping just a few twinges here and there. Same with my breasts, they don't hurt constantly but I get little pangs once in awhile. My areolas seem bigger and they're almost purple around the edges with veins.

    I've taken tests and they've so far been BFN. With the last I had the BFP at 6 days before my missed period.

    Could I be pregnant again? Or could this just be my body still trying to get back to normal after the miscarriage? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I miscarried at 10 weeks back in Jan and I know I was all sorts of wonky for awhile. Everybody is different and unfortunately I don't know what to say about the symptoms. I don't remember if my cycles were normal right after my miscarriage or not, I tend to block all that out now. It could be your body trying to get back to normal and I hope it happens for you very soon and that you get your BFP. Please keep us updated.

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    With my BFP, I did have the weird not AF like cramps but more like growing pain cramps starting the day before I tested, and I tested at 12DPO. Do you know what day of your cycle you're in?

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